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James Hume continues to transform himself as an artist all the while maintaining his edgy grit.
His fondness of rock-n-roll led him to the flamboyant role of lead singer for a successful metal band in the early 80s. The whirlwind of fame with a consistent flow of intriguing characters during these years sparked a never ending flux of inspiration to his young mind.
After leaving this precarious lifestyle to raise his son, James found great satisfaction in delivering his thoughts and emotions onto canvas via paintbrush.
His bold acrylic strokes mixed with clever social commentary and a subversive wit take his viewers to the edge. Creating the socially unacceptable and putting it out there for the world to see through his many underground art shows built a cult following for James’ art.
We are thrilled to now offer prints of his most loved pieces!
Today he most enjoys painting murals around his outrageous, world famous Palm Springs property, the Atomic Lair. He recently brought another form of art to life through his award winning screenplay, Elvis VS Buddy. 
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