Collection: Tomorrow's Future

Introducing “Tomorrow’s Future”, our new eco-friendly product line inspired by the beloved Pacific Northwest master gardener, Ed Hume.

This line features multiple collections which include hoodies, adult and children’s t-shirts, tote bags, aprons and baby onesies.

Each design incorporates Ed’s timeless show closing tagline from Gardening In America, the longest running gardening TV program in North America; “Our relationship with the planet today is tomorrow’s future.”

To truly live as a Rebel Unicorn is to cultivate the magic within, blossoming into the fullest expression of yourself while bringing your unique gifts to our world.

Ed Hume is an outstanding example of this. He has built an exceptional life and career through his love of gardening. His passion and dedication to his craft has brought thousands of people across the world to advance their knowledge of plants and reap the many benefits of getting closer to nature.

Brand founder Odessa Christiana, deeply inspired by her father in law, Ed’s work, felt called to honor him by creating these special collections of merchandise. Staying aligned to the brand’s core value of community, it was a given to include a donation to a local organization.

GRuB of Olympia Washington will be receiving a portion of the proceeds for all sales of “Tomorrow’s Future” merchandise.

GRuB’s mission is one that aligns beautifully with this project: GRuB grows healthy food, people, and community. With roots in the land, we create opportunities for people to learn, lead, and thrive.

Mr Hume has worked with GRuB hands on, installing vegetable gardens at the state’s Capitol.

Ed and Odessa are excited for this new line, hopeful that it will be enjoyed by many who will wear the heartfelt message for our planet with pride. They look forward to presenting Grub with a bountiful donation post holiday season.