Rebel Unicorn Mission

Through art, leadership and community, we empower creatives to nurture their imaginations, cultivate the magic within and blossom into the fullest expression of themselves, bringing their unique gifts to our world.


Love - Imagination - Belief - Authenticity - Community


In art college an instructor told me that I couldn’t make a living as a freelance artist, that I would need to have a job. WTF???

-Odessa Christiana 

In February 2022 founder Odessa Christiana changed the name of her online community to Rebel Unicorn. 

She had been active in the life coaching world for several years and saw a need for a place where creative entrepreneurs could come to fully express themselves, free from judgment as well as having the ability to connect with others for support, mentorship, inspiration and collaboration.

The passion to help others explore their fullest self expression grew larger…over the following year Rebel Unicorn took on an identity, kicking up its heels in the face of conformity and being a trailblazer for creatives of the world to untether themselves from beliefs and fears that hold them back.

“I’ve recently come to the awareness that this brand is the culmination of my life thus far. This brand is the essence of my soul. It’s been bubbling up inside since childhood. It’s come out to play and to be a powerful force, bringing others to unleash their magic.

It’s helping me to understand that every single step I have taken - every triumph, every challenge, every mistake, EVERYTHING I have experienced has brought me to the here and now. 

I’ve alchemized a whole lot of wild energy from my teenage rebellion into creating a potent presence for the creatives of the world.” 

Rebel Unicorn is a voice in action for the creative entrepreneur.

By wearing and sharing the merchandise, you are making a powerful statement to the value artists bring to our world. 

You are creating magic for yourself, for creatives, for the collective - for ALL of us!


We are here to utilize our gifts. We are here to thrive!

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