To own art is one thing, to collect art that speaks to you is another.

On her world travels, Odessa Christiana has always been in search of the unique, the intriguing, the one of a kind, whether we’re talking art, fashion or vacation homes, this woman holds an intense passion for the unconventional.

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“Think beyond beige” is one of her most loved sayings.

The Odessa Christiana Gallery is a product of her great passion for the unusual. She used to dream of opening an exotic boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills California, featuring wildly fascinating art along with custom made fashion and accessories. She desired to own a shop that would seriously rock her client’s lives and set them apart from the norm! That dream has come to fruition with the opening of this incredible online gallery which showcases artwork you will never find anywhere else. 

By way of custom printing the products to order, we are able to offer you extremely affordable pricing on a tremendous variety of amazing merchandise, from high quality art prints, to home decor, fashion accessories and much more.

Be sure to visit our gallery often, as brand new artwork and products are continually added.

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Please email: hello@odessachristiana.com