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At age two Odessa Christiana told her mother, 'Crayons are for babies', demanding pens as her medium of choice. Hours spent watching her mother sew was inspiration as well. Odessa amused herself by harvesting scraps of fabric from Mom's projects with which she created fabulous outfits for her dolls. Many years later she put herself through art school with a focus on fashion. Unsatisfied with building someone else's dream, the aspiring artist knew she must start her own company.

Odessa began experimenting with silk painting and quickly knew that she had found her artistic niche. Over time, she developed a unique line of clothing that reflected her own edgy yet elegant style. She has created many one-of-a-kind garments for fashionable women around the world. We are delighted to now offer digitized prints of her most popular fabric designs.

Always transforming herself, today Odessa is also an artist of the mind. Some call her the Imagination Queen, as she coaches people on tapping into their potential to live out their passions and unleash the wild child inside.

Visit her website to learn more about her current offerings, including books, courses and retreats.

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